Jake Dobson (mean_old_cowboy) wrote in nexus_stables,
Jake Dobson

A day in the life of Jake Dobson

The kid -- Nat, she said her name was -- was working out really well. She had a knack with horses like nothing Jake had ever seen. He liked her, and he had to hand it to the doctor for finding her and bringing her here where she'd be safe. Especially since he'd heard rumors that there was a pedophiliac bear running loose in the Nexus right now. Crazy kids today with their PINpoints and their Nexus LOL... In his day, the Multiverse had been much quieter and saner.

Jake hoped too much wasn't going to change on his farm. Not that it was really up to him, anymore, since that Dr. Anders was the official owner now, but still...

I'm not curryin' Mary Sue's horse, no matter how many sparkles she throws at me.

Grump grump grump, grouch grouch grouch. He decided to go and finish mucking out the stalls.
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